Agile Quality Management

Traditional quality management models and tools in recent times are giving way to integrated service quality models. These models check both equipment and personnel and operations optimization from the design stage, with one of the more recent innovations in this regard being the introduction of Agile Quality Management (AQM) in service quality operations.

AQM, in a project context, is concerned with having the right processes to ensure both effectiveness(quality product) and efficiency (quality project). This paper presents the development of an AQM model for well delivery operations and the tools and techniques with which it was deployed successfully in a workover operation in the Niger Delta.

AQM was deployed in six workover wells for a client in the Niger Delta as part of the Integrated project management of the well delivery process. The results of the model application in operations optimization are seen in the reduction of non-productive time (NPT) and reduction of cumulative workover cost across six well.

The AQM is  currently been used in the planning and execution of new drills of the asset with a detailed analysis of the key lessons learnt.

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