Inspection & Valuation Services

Oilfield tubulars are vulnerable to attacks by internal and external corrosion, cracking, third-party damage and manufacturing flaws and the detection of defects, before it causes serious damage, is key to improved operations performance. Benel has a deep knowledge of operations and quality assurance processes and together with its strategic alliances, offers qualified third-party inspection of rigs, drill pipes, tubulars and equipment, to ensure equipment integrity before they reach critical failure point.

Our inspection, testing, verification and certification services over a diverse range of oil tubulars and equipment is backed by specialized knowledge and industry expertise.

Our appraisal services also include appraisals for small businesses, middle market companies in manufacturing, marine, construction, mining, financial sector, oil & gas and agriculture etc. 

Our strategy guarantees a comprehensive and defensible estimate of value that is easy to use.  We pride in our commitment to providing services that meet the individual needs of our clients and accurately determine the real value of your assets in today’s market. We bring together a team of experienced and qualified personnel who identify the intricacies of assets and provide easy and cost-effective solutions.