The Hydrocarbon Value Cycle

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This is an introduction to the Oil and Gas Industry and provides an overview of the value chain in the upstream segment of the industry.

The first section of the course consists of self-understanding, group and organizational behavior, concept of teams and team work, and personal effectiveness. In the subsequent technical sections, the hydrocarbon bubble is traced from its formation in the “kitchen” to when it is turned into a store of value.

The course provides an understanding of the dependencies and the inter-relationships across the exploration and production value chain. Participants will gain in-depth knowledge of the basics of the opportunity realization process in the oil and gas industry from the prospecting to decommissioning.

Course Outline:

o Opportunity Framing
o Hydrocarbon Prospecting
o Field Development Planning
o Petroleum Economics
o Exploration Technology
o Reservoir properties
o Drilling and Completion Engineering
o Production Operations
o Field Decommissioning